In my painting the line has its expressive power, the trace has its importance, it affects white spaces stalling the emotions, the instincts.

Irrational thinking pervades, its spreading thrills the soul and the body.

Biographical sketch

The artist Rita Tripodi works and lives in Triest (Italy). She has got a degree in Painting at the “Accademia di Belle Arti ” of Reggio Calabria and specialization in drawing and art history at University Ca’ Foscari  Venice. Currently teacher of art at a secondary lower school – Triest.

She has taken part to a number of collective and solo art exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

Critical note

Gabriella Niero – Art Critic

On the occasion of “Artisti per Venezia”, a collective art painting at Scoletta San Zaccaria in 2001 – Venice

This sensitive painter brings us towards spaces, rendered through culture and subtlety:  internal suggestions are modulated through winding signs and both through vivid and deep shades, rich in tone variations.

All seems to be in harmony with the subtle variations of the soul, the tender modulations of feelings, or the erratic states of mind, which are reflected in the artist’s compositions. Paintings become successful reflections of personality, shaping her most fascinating emotions. Skill and culture melt in a pursuit that Rita Tripodi follows with honesty and determination.